Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog proves helpful for Hit-and-Run Investigation

Yesterday morning, Autoblog posted an article asking readers to ID a car headlamp involved in a hit-and-run crime with an 11 year old boy who was hit and injured badly. Apparently the car swerved to the other side of the road, jumped up onto the lawn where a group of children were waiting for their parents to pick them up after a birthday party, and struck the boy.

The only photo given was the one to the left and from it readers were able to ID the make and model to the car.

A few savvy people were able to find a part number in the photo (highlighted area in the photo to the left) and judging by the intricate patterns, direction of refraction lines, and clip in the bottom left hand corner, they concluded that the headlamp was one from a mid-90s Chevrolet Lumina or Monte Carlo.

Witnesses stated the car was mid-sized so it is most likely that the car is a Lumina.

Thanks to an image, the internet, some photo editing software, and some dedicated people, this case is a little closer to being solved.

Previous reports said the car was a burgundy color and both the Lumina and Monte Carlo were available in this color during those years.

We are all hoping this information will lead to finding and locking up the person who did this.

If you live in or around Ypsilanti Township, MI be on the lookout for a mid-90s burgundy Chevy Lumina or Monte Carlo with damage done to the passenger front bumper area.

Anyone who sees the vehicle or has information is asked to call Detective Robert Losey at (734) 973-4791 or the confidential tip line at (734) 973-7711.

~M/o  "Stay up to Speed"