Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Step: Tires!

If you remember, the 944 had some rotting tires when I bought it so the first and most important thing to do was to put some good shoes on it. I took it to STS in Fair Lawn, NJ (the town where I bought the car).
I had never been to STS and actually went there just because it was nearby. I dropped the car off during the day and picked it up later that evening.
I chose the Federal SS-657's high-performance and all-weather because this is the type of car that can be driven any time of year
(aside from snow).
One great thing about this 944, it came with locks for the lug nuts so the wheels can't be stolen. I left the manager with the keys to a car that I didn't legally own yet and went to get the it registered while I awaited my brand new tires.
The Federals turned out to be a good choice, very little road noise and they fill the wheel well nicely. I've tried hard to get these tires to slip, spin, fishtail but they stick to the road all too well. That combined with the limited-slip differential this car handles like a charm and laughs at curves for even trying.
STS gave me a pretty good deal and some goodies came along with the purchase. I got a 10% discount coupon for my next purchase, free alignment check every 12 months, free flat repair for the life of the tires, and free rotation for the life of the tires. Not a bad deal!

After the car was home and parked safely, I went straight to the sink, filled a bucket with soap and water, and went at the wheels to get them nice and shiny. After drying them off, I applied some Turtle Wax to protect from brake dust and corrosion. It's a good idea to do this before winter to protect your wheels from sand and salt. It will also be easier to clean them later since brake dust and dirt don't stick well on wax.
I threw some Turtle Wax tire shine on the tires and they were good to go. When applying any wax, grease, or slippery liquids, be sure not to get any on the brakes or brake rotors if you'd like your brakes to work.
So the 944 has some new kicks for a grand total of $417.55. That plus the cost of the car I've already spent $2917.55!

Next: tune in for the 944's tune-up!


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  1. Ahhh Jeff! This is awesome. When can we drive this thing? What, it doesnt have an engine? Dont burden me with details, just get it running!