Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ford Selling Volvo confirmed

Rumor had it that Ford was in the works to sell Volvo to Geely, a major Chinese auto manufacturer, and today in Sweden, rumor changed to fact. Ford and Geely reached an agreement for $1.8 billion which includes Volvo's intellectual property and physical assets.

You might have seen some photos of past Geely designs with laughable resemblances to European cars.

A Chinese Volvo almost sounds like an oxymoron. Volvo has a reputation of luxury and safety while most Chinese cars can't be sold in America because of safety standards alone. But although this could be viewed as a sad day for Volvo, Geely has had a few respectable concepts recently. In the 2008 Chinese Auto Show, Geely unveiled the GT a monster coupe that shows resemblances to the Maybach Exelero.

We can hope that Geely's young heart and ambition to prove themselves will bring about some spice in the Volvo line-up, whose most exciting car in the past few decades could be the C30 but hasn't shown much since.

Look below for some more photos of Geely cars.

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