Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 NYIAS Sneak Peak: Scion TC & IQ

Scion had reserved the uppermost room of the house in the galleria where it was pitch black, lights out, until the Scion show started. 

The sound was great, the light show was spectacular, and the crowds’ reaction was a sign that Scion struck a positive note with the presentation. It was by far the best presentation of the day.

Although the TC show’s only a few changes to the exterior, including widened head lamps, a GT-R-like b-pillar, and some tail lights that look like they were borrowed from BMW 1-series, it shows that Toyota is willing to push its little ugly duckling out into the pond to learn how to swim. 

After showing the new TC, the new, little IQ rolled out onto the stage, blessed by the almighty gods of Japanese engineering.

Following the presentation, Scion unveiled “hooked-up” versions of the cars in their booth. The TC in “bloodshot red” and the IQ in gunmetal. 

Take a look at the press release video of the new Scion TC. What do you think?

~M/o  "Stay up to Speed"

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